How to Finish What You Start

Last week, my husband was trying to fix our old desktop computer, and he found a document I’d created and all but forgotten I’d started. It’s imperfect. It’s clunky in places and will need lots of revision. But it’s the better part of a novel, and it’s worth finishing. So how did I leave this […]

5 Ruthless Ways to Make Time to Write Your Book

When I landed my first paid co-writing contract, it seemed like we did a whole lot of waiting for the publisher to make decisions. And then, all of a sudden, we had to get a finished manuscript to the editor. As the deadline approached, I put my family on notice. My husband would have to be responsible […]

Is Your Book Important Enough to Write?

About once a week, my mother calls me with a new idea for a book. We talk every day, so I never know when these book ideas are going to pop up. It’s always something that’s interesting to her—and not so interesting to me. But she wants me to write the book. My go-to response: […]

How to Write When You’re Bad at Grammar

Have you ever worried that your grammar or spelling isn’t good enough for you to write a great book? At a recent meeting of the National Speakers Association, a gentleman came up to me and shared a bit of his story. He’s still fairly new in his speaking career, but he’s had some success already. […]

Is Your Family Standing in the Way of Your Book?

Years ago, I spoke to a woman* who was thinking of coming on as an author coaching client. She had a great idea for a book for parents of college-bound teens. She was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject—a true expert. The conversation started with her explaining that she’d had writer’s block for weeks. […]

A Review of Coaching with Excellence

This is my complete review of Dan Miller’s Coaching with Excellence 2-Day Conference, which I attended in May 2016. I paid full price to attend the event, and I received no compensation for this review. The Basics of Coaching with Excellence Cost: $$ ($997 at the time of my purchase) Time Commitment: 2 days + 1 […]

How to Write So People Want to Read Your Book

I love it when I meet friends for lunch and they bring me books to read—most of the time. A few weeks ago, a client showed up for our lunch date with a book her friend had recently published. My client wanted to share it with me to get some input on how her friend […]

6 Proven Steps to Avoid Writing a Bad Book

One of my author-mentors is a brilliant fiction writer. She takes ten years to write each book. Seriously. In the last twenty years, she has written two brilliant novels. She writes books that win awards, get excellent reviews, and move readers. Each word on the page is there because she chose it. But as beautiful […]

Giving Away Too Much Information in Your Book?

Way back in the day, when I wore a suit and heels to work five days a week, I rarely thought about my customers in any meaningful way. For a while, I managed a team of call center customer service reps, but my focus was on keeping my employees happy and productive. Unless a customer […]

6 Reasons to Plan to Make Money from Your Book

As much as the book you’re writing might feel like a calling, a ministry, or a story you’re burning tell, I’m here to convince you to plan to make money from your book. Recently, a coaching client told me she didn’t think it was appropriate to list money as one of the main reasons she […]