When Writing Your Story Exposes the Unflattering Truth about Others

Much to my mother’s disappointment, I’m not an attorney, and nothing in this article should be taken as legal advice.  What do you do when you feel called to tell your life’s story by writing a book, but there’s a good chance you’ll hurt or offend people who were involved in your life in some […]

How Long Should It Take You to Write Your Book?

Last week I met with a  busy entrepreneur who’s been talking about writing her book for some time. The meeting started off well (especially since she offered to treat me to lunch). After a little time spent lifting fork to mouth and talking about our pending business ventures, I asked her when she planned to […]

5 Easy Ways to (Re)write Better

You type the final words of your manuscript, click save, and sit back with a sense of pride and relief. You’ve finished writing. Woo hoo! But don’t get too comfortable, kid. After a few days (or weeks) away from the work, it’s time to rewrite. (I love this phase—love, love, love.) The choices you make […]

Finishing Your Book with Anita Paul, the Author’s Midwife

In this interview, I chat with Anita Paul of WriteYourLife.net. Anita’s known as “the Author’s Midwife.” She works with authors and authors-in-the-making to help them take their book ideas from concept to publication. She has coached and consulted with authors of how-to books, memoirs, novels, children’s books, and more. One thing I love about Anita: […]